Red is the new Green

*All human beings are unique*.
Of course. We’ve probably heard ,read ,seen this quote like, hundreads of times. Yet we sometimes can’t comprehend the meaning it holds. There is a time, in every person’s life when he’s *judgemental*. Now ,I’m not saying this ‘judgemental’ phase has anything to do with one’s personality, it’s merely the phase in which one lacks the crucial part in one’s life. *Perspective* .
                    Perspective changes the way you look at things, on a drastic scale. Once the person who was arrogant and selfish can seem just self-consious. A thief can seem needy, a murderer can seem pitiful. The universe is the same, but you’ve just switched the angle by which you see it. But not everyone is able to achieve this ‘divine ability'(Not an exaggeration, it is truly divine.). We call them ‘Old farts’ and ‘Rock-heads’ and stuff that basically means uncomprehending stubborns. And again,it has nothing to do with one’s age, although one’s surrounding where he spends most of his life is a factor. An open mind, as we say, is what they lack. For the sake of conviniance and simplicity, let’s call these folks as ‘Toads in a coup‘, or just ‘toads‘.
                    Toads are basically just the brains with tumors, which clots the flow. They live in a small pond, and deny the existance of the ocean. ‘How to change toads?’ well, you can’t! Now it may seem as a harsh conclusion, but that’s the conclusion I’ve come to after a lot of failed experiments. And I’m sure many of us have tried and failed. The thing is that, you can’t change one’s view towards things. The closest thing you cant do, is change the channel. Change the subject. It’s because perspective is gained through experiences. It’s basically the expansion of your thought processing. Realising that there are no boundaries. This Universe is Infinite.
                    Having said that, the question comes, where do you draw the line between a free person and a toad? It’s not possible to draw such a line. The truth is,*we all have the toad inside us*. When I say ‘they’, I don’t mean a group of people, but deep corners of our minds, where we think and decide to act. And we can’t get rid of the toad, but we can supress it with the divine light of perspective. You know, the yin- yang thing (Again, not going spiritual and crap..). As balance is necessary in life.  Here’s something for the ‘toads’ inside us.
                   So, I was watching This certain brilliant series (Anime actually. Some toads would totally skip the rest of the article if I had used it up there.), about a girl, who’s going through a personality phase or a syndrome, where you play- pretend to be an RPG character. So, she’s naturally isolated from the rest of the class, does not have many friends. Now understand that , when I say play-pretend,, it’s not like a playtime thing ,or a role; she practically lives her life as a RPG character (RPG is Role Playing Game, you know console games with mages, warriors and dragons.. ).She comes across a classmate, a boy, who was a victim of this phase in his earlier years, and had gotten over it. Now this guy, certainly sees her situation to be familiar with his own, takes pity on her, and starts helping her in her play-pretend, hoping that she would eventually realize the fantasy and reality. The more he helps her ,the more he falls in love with her. He finds out that she uses this fantasy role playing as a shield from the truth of her father dying all of a sudden. She was too scared to just accept the reality, as she was just nine years old,and still hoped to find the realm of souls, to bring her father back. Although through years, she hadn’t gotten any better. The boy snaps at her. Asks her to finally accept the reality and get past this phase. She does. Only differnce is that, she’s not the same person he fell in love with anymore. She had lost herself completely.
                   Although this story ends with a happy ending, where she goes back to her role-playing self, where she is comfortable and happy, the point of this story-telling is, that some birds are not born to live in cages, in nests or in forests either. Maybe the bird wants to live as a sloth! Maybe the sloth want’s to run like leopard! Maybe, they are not what the nature wants them to be. They are weird. And to people like them, aren’t we the one’s who respond like toads? I think our imagination, is a whole new dimension, which exists! And we rule it! If we don’t play with it, we’re just ruining a whole existing universe , carelessly. Well more on this later.
                 We know that ,we see the world as it is today, because of the light that illuminates the objects, and is percieved by our eyes, hence forming an image. The colors we see are impressions of the light. Scientifically, the different wavelengths  of light impress different colors, which makes red red, and green green. It’s true that we’ve named certain wavelength as red, but we cannot say what our eye truly sees. Maybe what my friend knows as yellow color, is what I identify as the color of red! But we will still call the color red, because we’ve been taught too,and well we’ll never know how the other person sees the color through his eyes! Maybe, just maybe ,red is green, and green is red. You just need an eye to see the world differently. Your perspective, will change the universe.

Cursed headphones? A Weird story.

Well I don’t really buy used stuff, but can’t help it when it’s damn too costly, in good condition and Im getting it in half the price. I mean what’s the big deal? Just some cool headphones, really lowered price, an undeniable deal.
……… So the deal made my day. How about some brain stunning music on the way home? Surely can’t wait till I get home. Human nature. And a hard metal rock song is on! Damn these are good stuff for the ears. Wait, what’s that minor noise, like honking?looking to the left, there was a truck coming to me at lightspeed. What in freaking minas tirith?
…… Well, I had blacked out for a moment there. Phew, I thought I was a goner there.
” Hey there, fallen bud, wanna get up on your feet?”
This strange guy was offering me a hand,, what a nice person.
” Thanks.. Well,, you seen what just happened here, kinda got saved at the last moment, haha.”
” Yeah,, haha,, you wish.”
” What, uhm,, what do you mean?” I was puzzled, well his way of saying things annoyed me too.
” I mean, too late for savin bud, you’re already dead, haha. Want some marshmellows!?I really like it when the newbies come in.”
I looked around, seemed like the same street to me. ” well,, weird guy, how about you keep your marshmellows,,and I get going on my way, thanks for the help though..jeez,, what a creep!” then I found my headphones lying around on the street.
Thank God they were alright,,I just had spent fortune over them.. Wait who is that guy taking them!?” HEy wait those are my headphones!”
“that’s useless.”
I ignored that annoying marshmellow guy, and went for the thief. I stretched my hand to grab his hood, but as soon as I grabbed him, the figure turned to mist,and reappeared, and ran towards the shop where I had bought the headphones. I couldn’t believe this, what was this a fairy tail?? Netherworld? Limbo? I got the feeling nobody could see me or hear me either.
” If you are done playin around,time for some introductions. I am Rob Marley, pickup agent of this sector, nice to meet you, so let’s get going,, I really want free time, after all this is sunday! ”
Rob Marley,, I had heard this guy died in a car accident! Was I really, like dead? The atmosphere was silent for a long time after that.. Breaking the silence,
“So, hey,, Rob,is it? It does seem like I am really dead, and…”
“It took you so long to figure that out huh?what a smart guy!! Brilliant, now let’s get going, I told you I want free time.. Sure don’t want marshmellows?”
” No,thanks.. I was saying, where are you going to drop me to? I mean is it like, heaven or worse case, hell or something?”
” What? I am so sick of explaining this now every time a newbie comes around. Heaven, hell? Jeez.. It’s nothing like that kiddo, what read it in some kids book? When you die,, you all go to one place,we call it…”
“Yeah,, never mind,, I’m not really interested.. I’m gonna go there any way. I just wondered if it really was my time to die..”
“It wasn’t.. Those headphones you bought,, they are a bit faulty you see,, they sometimes swap the material from our world to the, human world…”
“You mean they are cursed..”
” Another way to put it..yeah.’s funny how people call the faulty material cursed.”
” So,, what happens with the headphones?isn’t it your job to clean up this mess? I mean the shopkeeper must know this, but still he is hungry for money.. Look how he is taking them from that thief.. He will probably sell them to someone again.. But you guys must have some,, police organization too right?”
” Yeah,, it’s in one of the files somewhere.. Our police is always late on the crime scene too.. Haha.. Way of the world.. So you wanna do something about it?? Like catch the bad shopkeeper or something?”
I thought for a moment what I was going to loose because of that maniac. My family,, my friends,, my whole damn life,, which I could have probably lived.
“to hell with it.I am dead afterall. Let the police catch the bad guys.. So what is worth seeing in this dead world of yours?”
And we were gone, vanished in thin air.



I saw her there. Sitting all by herself. ‘Should I go? I can go and talk, I mean how hard can it be?’ Guess it was a little too hard .Why did I wait up and watch her walk away with her friend? All I had to do was make a general convo. I mean how difficult it had to be?
       What was I doing? Watching. She had a coffee mug in her hand, steaming, but she wasnt drinking any. Staring into nothingness. It made me restless, to watch her gloomy face. Why didn’t I comfort her? Was it because she would probably say ‘its none of your business’? Or ‘who the hell are you?’ Or just I didnt have any words to console her? Well how can someone in dark help the other one when both run out of candles…well they can comfort each other..Thats all they can do.
         Next day ,I waited up. Same coffee shop,same table. Yes ,she was there. Ordered the usual. This time I noticed her checking out the cafe. She looked at me , for a brief moment, and her gaze turned to the door again. Was she waiting for someone? Or had she noticed me already? Was I supposed to make a move? That thought gave me courage to stand up. She stood up too.I was swifting towards her, she suddenly started sobbing,and hugged a guy ,who had just came in . “You came..”.        Thats all I could hear. They walked by me, and I was staring at my feet. Hadn’t I expected this? Actually I had. Just wished it wouldn’t come true. That just gave me a lesson, life’s a daydream. Don’t get too much into it, cause the next thing you know , you end up waking up.